SigFox Modules

We develop SigFox devices for industrial customers. SigFox covers large and ever growing of areas in Mid-Europe with a wireless communication network, comparable to cellular networks. If your facility is within the coverage of SigFox, you can have sensor or other smart devices, connected to the SigFox network on a very low-cost base. LXElectronics develops and manufactures, installs and maintains the devices you need.

SigFox set up overview

SigFox Set up overview

SigFox network is connecting your smart devices (on the left) to SigFox cloud. Your tailored Software application, which might be also delivered by LXElectronics, is connected to SigFox cloud as well and processes data delivered by your devices or sends control words to it.

SigFox device components

Components of a connected device

LXElectronics is experienced in all components required to get you a tailored device connected to SigFox network.

We have sources providing Antenna, Battery, Housing as well as Sensors and Modem Chipset Modules. Further, we have the knowledge to build the firmware application to run the device.

Are your facilities within SigFox coverage?

As LXElectronics is based in Taufkirchen, 5km South of Munich City limits, we have drawn 100 and 200km radiuses for easy set up of the system in your facilities. Coverage is provided around the larger cities Munich, Rosenheim, Augsburg in our vicinity as well as Ulm – Ingolstadt – Nuremburg and Regensburg areas.

If your facility is within the coverage (green) you can set up a reliable network connection very easily!

Ready for the show?

Currently, we are busy setting up a prototype device, featuring a noise sensor. A Cocoa Software App controls the modes of the noise sensor, i.e. the window length of the measurement. Do we rather want a fine-grained noise profile (sample rate: 1 minute) of a certain spot, or a statistical evaluation of occurred noise (max, mean and std of noise per day or week). Possible application areas are measurements on roadways or railways, or monitor noise in work areas.

If you are interested in that or other kind of sensor application, just drop your contact down here.