First NoiseMeters shipping

The sound level meter NoiseMeter is delivered in the v1.0.

The slim housing is designed for outdoor use and permanent installation. With solar cell and battery, the device is self-sufficient with energy.

Currently the NoiseMeter offers the following features:

  • Interval of sound level measurements: 1 second
    • sigfox telegram per 30 minutes
    • transmission of one max. value within 90 seconds
  • Measuring range 40..100 dBA; the specified range of 30..130dBA will be achieved in v1.1.
  • Read-out of measured data via USB; preliminary calibration via USB
  • Operation with solar cell and battery or USB; On-Off via pin connect
  • fastening compatible to commercially available mount kits for action cameras


  • Planned for SW update v1.1: Control via menu via USB; Calibration mode; Control via sigfox command set

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