Google-Calendar E-paper display with WLAN connection

Crucial in the morning: When leaving the apartment do not forget anything! The son must attend piano lessons at 3 pm. Don’t miss the documents for the meeting that morning. In short, have the calendar in mind.

Have the calendar in mind? With “Kalender”, the practical e-paper module with WLAN connection, you have your Google calendar stick to the door, the wardrobe, the mirror. There is no time looking at the smartphone here, especially if children want to be supplied with scarf and braces. But a look at the “Kalender” provides an overview and gives back control.







“Kalender” is a low-cost but ingenious gadget.

Not even an app needs to be installed. Call up the configuration page of the “Kalender” in your WLAN network and set it according to your needs.

“Kalender” updates itself upon your Google Calendar – yours and your loved and important ones. “Kalender” follows LXElectronics’ approach of having the one Smart Device that does what it is designed for – not everything that could be done.

The extremely energy-saving E-Paper technology ensures up to 9 months of running time. Then you can snap off “Kalender” from the holder and charge it via USB cable.

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