NoiseMeter first prototype

First Prototype

NoiseMeter is to our knowledge the first SigFox connected class2 Sound Level Meter. Targeting professional Acoustics Engineering in environmental (traffic, engines), construction and noise at work assessments, NoiseMeter enables you to long-term and swarm measurement. Hardware verification was achieved last week as we connected our sensor board (analog true rms to dB) to the MCU and SigFox board we set up connection with (prototype 0). Already next week, we will deliver BOM to the assembly house, beginning of January we will deliver layout to the PCB manufacturer. In the meanwhile, testing of prototype 0 including set up server integration (QTTP) and App (IOS first, Android 2nd) programming will go on.

Spezifikationen NoiseMeter

  • 30 – 130dBA sound level range
  • ± 1.5dB accuracy
  • conforms to EN 60651 Class2
  • resolution 0.1dB
  • 1/2” pre-polarized microphone
  • resolution 0.1dB
  • frequency 35Hz to 8kHz
  • weighting A and C
  • temperature 0°C to +40°C (functional -15°C to +40°C)
  •  current consumption 10mA at 8.4V LiPo
  • rechargeable, cable supply or optional solar panel
  • battery life up to 1 month dep. on profile

Roadmap NoiseMeter

  • Dec 8’17 BOM Schematics ready
  • Dec 29’17 Offers for PCB, Assembly, Housing and SW integration
  • Jan 5’18 PCB Layout ready
  • Jan 26 Innovationsgut scheine confirmed, start of production
  • Feb 16 Prototype available: Housing, PCB, Sensor, App
  • Mar 23 Evaluation done, Gerber + BOM delivery Serie1
  • Apr 13 2018 Serie1 available


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