RFIC Services

Services for RFIC design and system design

RFIC services targets both RFIC design companies as well as companies using RFICs for their systems.

Coming from RFIC industry, my focus is on Analog Design and within that, oscillators and synthesizers. I have designed GaAs, SiGe and CMOS circuits in frequency ranges from 100MHz to 15GHz. Focus of my past years at Intel was VHDL modeling of analog behavior for digital simulation, i.e. by VHDL.

Computer Hardware included

Our costumers get a computer where IT can install a complete image of a corporate PC, including the software we need to get the job done. After finishing  contract, your IT gets the PC again to delete the data according to your security standards.

Costumers save hardware cost and on the other hand, seamless cooperation is given by identical software images.