Connect ticket validator to SigFox

There are more than 100,000 ticket validators in Germany. Many of them without data connection by cable. We connect these machines cost-effectively to SigFox, which is available in all metropolitan areas!

As passenger numbers can be roughly estimated but are never known exactly, we use StampFox to count the number of punches and thus give a precise indication of when the machines need a new ribbon.

StampFox comes either as a PCB, which is installed in the ticket validator, or as an external box for mounting on the column of the machine. The antenna is either a PCB mounted on the back of the case, or is already included in the ABS box.

SigFox costs about 50ct € if you use a daily data transfer. The device is connected to the supply voltage of the machine.

The data is uploaded to the cloud once a day, after which you can access it via web app. You can either download and process the data, or we can provide an interface to your database.

The local transport companies can use this data to improve their maintenance services and display it on maps and timetables.

StampFox will be available in Q3’18. If you are interested, please contact us – we may be able to incorporate your requirements into the development.