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NoiseMeter v1.0 is available now in a batch of 10 samples. Apply as a test customer and we will deliver a device to you soon.

NoiseMeter – SigFox sound level meter

NoiseMeter is the first SigFox sound level meter. It is available since October 2018 in version 1.0
NoiseMeter v1.0
NoiseMeter is equipped with a high quality 1/2 ” microphone that achieves a sensitivity of -53dB (Pa). In the device, the signal is processed by an analog amplifier chain. The level is measured in the range Low (30 – 80 dBA) or High (80 – 130 dBA), with the timings ‘Fast’ or ‘Slow’ and the characteristics ‘A’, ‘C’ or ‘Z’. The switching of the individual areas is controlled by the firmware and can be set in the IoT web application (IBM Watson).
Solar Panel charges battery via USB plug
For measuring sound pressure level the instrument uses a high-quality RMS-to-DC converter that is able to measure signal power with 100dB difference (100dB equals 10 ^ 10 watt difference, i.e. 0.1 billionth of a watt to 1 watt). NoiseMeter is operated by a microprocessor (CPU), which not only controls the detector but also the Sigfox and USB interface as well as the power supply including LiPo battery and solar cell. In outdoor installations, the device is self-sufficient. Indoors, the device can be operated via USB cable. Then neither light for the solar cell nor the Sigfox network is necessary. The data is then stored locally on the computer.
standard action camera mount; USB solar panel plug; 869MHz antenna jack
Please note, that Class2 only refers to the acoustics classification of IEC 61672-1:2002. In terms of Sigfox, there is no classification yet. NoiseMeter v1.0 is only available in Sigfox RC1, which includes Europe, near-East and Africa. NoiseMeter v1.0 comes with a one-year Sigfox subscription.
system diagram

Application scenarios

Amongst the many possibilities to use the NoiseMeter, we have highlighted two scenarios.

  • 24-hour noise profile with Lden
  • Nightlife Hotspot
nightly noise
Our application slide “neighborhood noise” also shows, how we package the data into available volume for Sigfox transmission. A smart algorithm is necessary to reduce the 3600 measurement points (one per second) into only 12 Byte Sigfox data.

Mounting options

The NoiseMeter is equipped with a standard hinge end, as it is used for action cameras. The advantage is that a large selection of mounting adapters is available.
standard mounting adapter
This allows the NoiseMeter to be safely mounted in the right place, whether on the railing of a balcony, on a light pole or on the roof. If valid acoustics measurements are to be taken in front of house walls, the greatest possible distance from the wall must be kept behind the measuring device. Reflections otherwise falsify the measurement result.
Wall Mount Kit
For this case, LXElectronics offers a wall mounting kit that keeps the NoiseMeter stable one meter in front of the house wall. By means of the screw joint described above, the NoiseMeter can be adjusted vertically at an angle of 220 degrees. The extension piece on the device can be mounted turned by 90 degrees, so that alternatively a horizontal adjustment of 180 degrees is possible. Wall Mount Kit is optionally and not included in standard NoiseMeter.

Future plans

Already early in 2019, NoiseMeter v1.1 will hit the market. Amongst several improvements are:
  • spectral measurements: a second hardware path allows for measuring 7 frequency bands
  • Sigfox ready certification: v1.1 will be Sigfox ready and CE certified.
  • IP 67 protection class
  • Sigfox RC2 and RC4 prepared

Field study Taufkirchen

LXElectronics will set up field study in Taufkirchen, a suburb close to Munich in Germany and surrounded by Autobahns. Within Taufkirchen am Wald, there is an estimated 5000 people living within 800m corridor and 1500 within 250m corridor to the A99.
field study
Derzeit laufen Anfragen an die zuständigen Behörden, um ein Pilotprojekt aufzusetzen. NoiseMeterFlyer