NoiseMeter v2.0 – Solar-powered with Sigfox plus LoRa, WiFi und BLE

NoiseMeter is the first soundlevelmeter with sigfox IoT connectivity. With even stronger solar panel and a comprehensive connectivity solution we bring out version 2.0. It not only features Sigfox but LoRa, WiFi and BLE on its hardware platform. Customers ask for a firmware extension, to make these radios usable.

NoiseMeter comes with a high-performance 1/2” (0.5 inch) mikrophone, with a sensitivity of -53dB (PA). Microphone signal is processed by an analog, automatic-range-switching amplifier chain. The 100dB range extends from 30 – 130 dBA, with a characteristic ‘A’ filtering. Accuracy is ±1.4dB, compliant with IEC 61672-1:2002.

Calibration against a standard 94dB / 1kHz signal calibrator is performed upon press-button.

Power Supply is delivered alone by solar panel. A strong 1W solar panel and a 1Ah LiPo battery together with dedicated charger circuit provide sufficient energy if operated outdoors.

NoiseMeter includes a windscreen in order to get reasonable outdoor measurements.

standard mounting adapter

Further, a mounting hinge is included to allow for easy installation: our hinge fits into standard Go Pro – Action camera systems. customers thus can choose from a wide range of mounting adapters. Alternatively, you can order one of our mounting rods.

  • Sigfox RC1 +14dBm Transceiver
    • Hardware includes LoRa, WiFi and BLE transceiver. If interested contact us for a quote.
  • 1W Solar panel and charger to power 1Ah LiPo cell
    • for outdoor installation
  • IP 67 protection; Microphone protected by Gore® membrane


NoiseMeter is made for long-term soundlevelmeter installations outdoor. Applications are traffic noise, neighborhood noise and the industry. Thus NoiseMeter can get you a long-term profile of road-, rail- or aircraft-related noise. Data will be available in a cloud application for further archiving or analysis.

In case of neighborhood noise both noise generating and affected side like to use it: gastronomers would like to measure their noises, in order to reduce it and to have better negotiation base with authorities and neighbors. Affected neighbors on the other hand would like to show the extent of noise they have to deal with.

nightly noise