SoundCounter is counting by microphone. Whether people or cars passing by they make a sound that can be detected. It is not possible to trace back the sound to individuals which makes sound counting a good candidate in data privacy concerns.

Sigfox and LoRa

In October 2019 we delivered a LoRa version of our SoundCounter to a Munich transport company. Originally, SoundCounter was equipped with Sigfox modem. If you have a use case requiring a different data transmission technology, contact us.

SoundCounter v1.0 hardware

Count passers-by or vehicles

You need a profile of the number of passers-by at exit G of Potsdamer Platz S-Bahn station?

Install SoundCounter, a cost-effective device that puts the number of people online.

An amazingly simple solution, which has decisive advantages over the optical method with cameras:

  • No privacy issues
  • Greater acceptance through inconspicuousness and installation at knee height
  • Low data volume

SoundCounter is designed for Smart City applications. We want a profile of the number of people in certain places – period 2 weeks to 3 months.
The battery (LiPo cell) is designed for this time. After the study has finished, the SoundCounter can be removed and recharged at a USB port – ready for next use.

The processor in the SoundCounter measures during the set time window.

Once a day, SoundCounter sends its results to the SigFox Cloud, which are then transferred to the Web App which you have access to. Of course, you can also configure the SoundCounter by yourself – the SigFox protocol allows a maximum of 140 messages per day. All configuration is done by web app.

You can download and process the data, or we can provide you with an interface to your database.

GDPR proof by design

In times of WiFi tracking and GDPR, SoundCounter is the way to go. Different from WiFi tracking solutions and from most optical methods, SoundCounter data can not track back to individuals.

GDPR only allows WiFi tracking and image recognition in very narrow limits.

SoundCounter is an edge computing device connected to the cloud only by very narrow transmission bandwidths. SoundCounter works like a digital audio filter, only performing its operations on the audio stream, extracting the resulting data and immediately forgetting the further.

Winner innovation price City of Munich

In July, SoundCounter won the innovation price of City of Munich.

Meanwhile, the units are installed by MVG, the public transport authority of Munich. Soon we will publish test results.